Willing to export "Tiddlers" into a web site template engine like Grav

This is the idea:

Use TiddlyWiki as source for pages and blog posts that will be imported into web site template engine like Grav (or suggested others)

This engine is using markdown files is /user/pages/ directory.

Using special “taggings”, i could use an export command to do so

 tiddlywiki --load twindex.html \
   --output ~/tmp --render '.' "rss.json" \
'text/plain' '$:/core/templates/exporters/JsonFile' \
'exportFilter' '[days:created[-30]!is[system]tag[BlogArticle]]'

Then run a program on the resulting json,

  1. convert content into “md”
  2. use tagging logic like “01Page” “02Page”, “01Menu”, etc…
    Then fill Grav directory.

I remember reading about such a thing, but can’t find the subject anymore…
[edit] : How to use TiddlyWiki as a static website generator in 3 steps - Ness Labs

I wonder if some “exporters” exists already for this use case?
Any one have already made such usage?
Thanks for your help

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I don’t use the node version and the command line much, but inside a single file wiki you could follow how the current static tiddler exporter works, or JSON if that is what you want to export, copy it and make your own exporter, there is some information about making your own exporter on tiddlywiki.com.

  • This involves a template which you can modify to meet your requirements.
  • You can then export and test your output
  • Perhaps later you can then do it for multiple tiddlers at a time from the commend line.

In future I intend to use the zip plugin to help me name and export multiple files from my single file wiki, and thus may create a website template engine that way.

I don’t feel being able to create an “exporter” yet…

which web engine would you use?

Using CLI tiddlywiki and IPFS makes it a convenient place to store anything.
In my process list, seems I found a way to directly export in markdown format


tiddlywiki <folder> --render <tiddler>  '[encodeuricomponent[]addsuffix[.md]]' 'text/plain' '$:/plugins/cdaven/markdown-export/md-tiddler'

Need to choose the “Tag logic” now …

Sorry, but my answer would be tiddlywiki. Using tiddlywiki as the engine to generate websites.

My main point is you can choose and craft the output template of your choice to generate the final result or prepare content in your tiddlywiki to generate an output that can be subsequently imported into another platform.

  • If this is too much work, or of value it is for you to decide.
  • I would look for a simpler method first, like via HTML or JSON if possible.

Sorry I can’t help much with the CLI

Hi @papiche here is an example of a wiki that contains a custom exporter that exports the selected content tiddlers as a static website.

Here’s the exporter tiddler within the source wiki:

Here’s the output static website:


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