Who is using Tidgraph and are there (better) alternatives?

Hi all,

I’d like to ask a bit around to see how extensively tidgraph is used or how big the wish for a maintained tidgraph version would be

Also, I’d like to ask if there are alternatives, maybe better ones?

I ask because there’s the wish for a Tidgraph version which works with the multi-columns Layout and I’ve seen that Tidgraph has been updated 7 years ago

Thank you for your answers!

I use it lots.
I use it as contents pages with a bit of wikitext to add a slider to collapse and expand levels of the tree.

Use the slider to show more levels!

Depth: {{$:/Range 12}}

 <$range tiddler="$:/Range 12" min="1" max="5" default="1" increment="1"/>
<$set name="depth" value={{$:/Range 12}}>
<$tidgraph start="Worked Examples" maxdepth=<<depth>> />

See here: Engineers Text Book — An Hyperlinked Text Book for Engineers

I think @Charlie_Veniot was tinkering with it recently too.

Alternatives are the rather more heavyweight tiddlymap

And there is plugin here tw5visjs Demo — Demo and tests for the tw5visjs plugin which does graphs but I’m not sure works in modern day TW.

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I was playing around quite seriously with TidGraph.

Until I found that it, seemingly, will not work with either tiddlers opened as new windows or in modals.

I rely heavily on both tiddlers opened in new windows and modals, so TidGraph got the heave ho.

Now, although awfully heavy, I am experimenting with GraphViz hosted in a dedicated TiddlyWiki, that acting as a GraphViz service to other TiddlyWiki instances.

Just a quick chime in, as I live in Google Groups and really can’t stand Discourse.

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This is most likely because it relies on the view template. I have sharded a few times a special new windows buttons that do this.

If asked I will share again in gg when I retuurn to my desk.

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Hi Simon,
I know tzk uses Tidgraph and I partially use it in Mehregan.
See Zettelkasten — The public musings of Soren Bjornstad. Go to the reference part of every tiddler at its bottom and click on link graph.

While the relationship graph is a very useful tool, but like you I think Tidgraph is a bit out of date and if a new lightweight alternative could be proposed, there will be many use cases for it.


  1. Introducing tzk (TiddlyZettelKasten edition) - Discussion - Talk TW (tiddlywiki.org)

Hi Simon,
great to see you interested in this topic, because it would be great to have a definitive plugin for this because there is no up-to-date tool for this.

  • In Tidgraph it is difficult to determine an order in the graph to visualize a structure.
  • Tiddlymap is better in sorting items but very complex. It would be great if it was more hackable.

Do you intend to do combination which relates the graph to the columns? Would be great!

There is also ECharts — Awesome Visualization Library for TiddlyWiki5 that can emulate what tiddlymap does but is (I think) more difficult to setup.


I guess you could also get a tidgraph-like view with this.

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I think Echart is like 1MB and so it is a bit heavy for single file TW.
But it is very powerful.

I suppose the question is what is the minimum needed in a lightweight alternative?

I was just working on a network visualisation tool, the relationships between nodes (tiddlers) and other nodes can be indicated with a simple list.

I was thinking could the minimum “relationship visualisation” be as simple as being able to render one or more “nodes” and draw a line between them, on screen, as needed?

  • Imagine displaying a set of links/buttons to tiddlers in a tiddler,
    • with the ability to name pairs of links/buttons to join with a line
  • Being able to use dotted, one to one, one to many and directions between nodes is sufficient.
  • It would be nice if this linking only occurs for links/buttons displayed
    • with an indicator for off screen links.
  • The ability to click on a “link” and create a relationship tiddler.

So as far as I can see the the most basic tool would be to allow links to be drawn from one node to the other named node, where that node is a visible “button”.

  • This could be an overlay of the whole wiki, so if the link destination is displayed the line is displayed.
  • For example open a sidebar tab listing children of a tiddler named in the story would generate lines to those items in the sidebar.

It seems this should be able to be automated in a similar way to the dynanote plugin only showing what is visible, a line between two related nodes visible on screen.

  • Or limit line drawing to a scope, inside tiddler, story to side bar, story to story.
    • If done generically use with MCL and Muuri

I hope my words are understandable

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I think the minimum replacement has to meet tidgraphs basic functionality.

Stick a tag name in the macro… Get a nice looking navigatable network diagram showing the hiarachy.

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ihm4u/vecmap: Tiddlywiki 5 plugin - Easy tiddler maps for TW5

from its github, seems it is 7+ years not updated.

I created a plugin that can add new tiddler GitHub - tiddly-gittly/flow-chart: Building workflow editors, flowcharts and diagrams, with reaviz/reaflow flow-chart plugin — Building workflow editors, flow charts and diagrams, with reaviz/reaflow But it requires tw-react plugin.

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That’s a slick looking solution.
Is there a vertical option?

My tree is too big to fit and, at least on mobile, I can’t scroll around the tree.

Are branches collapsable?

And finally, what do the little boxes on the bottom of each node do?

Yes, I need zoom to fit too, that is a todo.

About the bottom little box, I think drag it can link to other node, to add tag to create relationship? I never use this after I made it though.

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There is also a MindMap (Elixir) plugin on TiddlySeq Theme — Logseq-like TiddlyWiki Template developed recently by @Sttot

it looks better and have zooming, but is also WIP, have a try online!

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There is an awful lot going on in that logseq demo. The maps field in the example has all sorts in it!
Perhaps a little too much for me :slight_smile:

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