Where is the squareroot operator in Tiddlywiki? (RegEx replacement needed!)

It would be so cool to have a KaTeX formula-editor (and helper!) that could at the same time be used as a calculator.

I am just trying to update @Charlie_Veniot 's calculator and adapt it to the Katex notation.
See here for this experiment:


I already implemented a better notation for power.

But I encountered the problem that I do not know where the squareroot operator is I could replace \sqrt[3]{x} with.

The next step would be a regex filter to replace the expression by the correct filter in the macro

<iframe srcdoc={{{ [<eval_html>search-replace[:::expression:::],<this_expression>search-replace:g[Abs(],[Math.abs(]search-replace:g[Ceil(],[Math.ceil(]search-replace:g[Floor(],[Math.floor(]search-replace:g[Rnd(],[Math.round(]search-replace:g[Trunc(],[Math.trunc(]search-replace:g[Log],[Math.log10]search-replace:g[Ln],[Math.log]search-replace:gi[sqrt],[Math.sqrt]search-replace:g:regexp[Sin],[Math.sin]search-replace:g:regexp[Cos],[Math.cos]search-replace:g:regexp[Tan],[Math.tan]search-replace:g[Asin],[Math.asin]search-replace:g[Acos],[Math.acos]search-replace:g[Atan],[Math.atan]search-replace:g[^],[**]]  }}}  marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" frameborder="0" style="height:1.75em;border:none;width:100%" ></iframe>

I have a distant uncertain memory you can do to the power of 1/2 or ^.5 but may be wrong.


So we would need a regex filter to replace \sqrt[3]{x} by (x^(1/3)) (best with brackets I presume and it should insert 2 if the [] brackets are empty) .

\define rootpatt() /\sqrt\[(\?+)\]{(.+?)}
{{{ [{!!test}search-replace:g<rootpatt>,[($2^(1/$1))]] }}}


I dont think we can use parentheses. In the past I used Evans formulae plugin it was function rich.

Another plugin evaluated javascript formulas.