Whatsapp chat importer

Hello everyone.

I’ve been trying for some time to make an application that would allow me to capture messages from WhatsApp conversations and turn them into tiddlers.

A month ago I started testing with GPT Chat and I managed to get it to do almost everything as I wanted but something always failed and when trying to correct it something else was damaged.
That’s why I talked to my friend Javi, a programmer for many years, and he reviewed the program for me and improved it so that now it does everything the way I wanted it to.

It’s a python file, which needs to be kept together with a text file called “data”. This text file is what we get when we tell Whastapp to export the content of a chat.

The program creates a tiddler for each message, assigns two labels (obviously you can change them to your liking), creates a field called Contact that corresponds to the person who sent me that message, also creates a field with the date of said message ( I did this in case in the future I needed that field to better filter the data)

Obviously the program can be greatly improved and could be customized in various ways. It works fine for me, however use it carefully.
You can download it from here: Dropbox - Whastapp_importer - Simplify your life

I am not responsible for the operation of this program or possible problems derived from its use, such as loss of data, etc…

I hope it will be as helpful to someone as it has been to me.

All the best.


@Xabrina is this for node js wiki or single file html wikis.

Hello @arunnbabu81.

No, it is actually an application written in Phytom that, from a text generated by WhatsApp, with the summary of the messages in a chat, generates individual tiddlers for each message in said chat. The import parameters are what I needed but with a little knowledge in Phytom they can be changed.
Once the individual tiddlers are generated, you import them into Tiddlywiki.
In a strict sense, this program is not a complement to Tiddlywiki but rather a program that generates tiddlers to use in the wiki.

All the best.

I haven’t used python before. How am I supposed to run this python file once I have downloaded it ?

Hello @arunnbabu81.

Okay, it’s not difficult. You just have to download the latest version of Phytom (Download Python | Python.org) from its website. Once you have it installed you just have to follow the instructions I posted above.

All the best.

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