What's the difference between text/markdown and text/x-markdown?

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Does anybody know the difference between the tiddler type text/markdown and text/x-markdown?

Are they using different markdown dialects?
If so, which dialect is used?

I’m asking because I can configure the CodeMirror 6 plugin to use different dialects (commonmark/github flavoured markdown) and would like to do that accordingly

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text/markdown is the official and registered MIME-type for the markdown syntax.

See: IANA Media Types
and search for: markdown – register info: text/markdown – [RFC7763]

text/x-markdown was an unregistered “experimental” mime-type and should not be used anymore.


IMO we should go with the GitHub flavoured markdown by default. It’s the most flexible default setting.
I cannot find the spec atm. Will post a followup soon

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Thanks @pmario!

I just wanted to keep things simple and make sure that the tiddlywiki parser supports GFM

The GFM extension in the CodeMirror 6 plugin supports also Emoji syntax which isn’t directly supported

I’d need to write something that directly replaces for example :slight_smile: with the corresponding emoji within the editor, like it’s done here in this editor - :slightly_smiling_face:


How does this compare to the markdown that talk.tiddlywiki aka Discourse uses?

  • GitHub and that generated by ChatGPT and other tools including WIkiPedia/Wikimedia,

The reason I ask, is I have recently found workflow improvements using markdown on tiddlers to store information found or composed in these tools

  • I was only thinking yesterday how I look forward to the stable Codemirror 6 + Markdown in my wikis for this type of content.
  • Given my new found interest in selective use of markdown, I can see value in researching and documenting this further.

@BurningTreeC I am aware of some methods to permit wiki-text and markdown to co-exist in the same tiddler, usualy with one the native the other encapsulated. I don’t think you need to do anything in Codemirror 6 for this, but it may be worth keeping this in mind.

We should steer clear of decisions that limit future options.

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I think Discourse also uses GFM

Hi @BurningTreeC the full background is that text/x-markdown was added in September 2014, and text/markdown was added in February 2017. The reason is that text/markdown was only officially registered in 2016.

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Thank you for the information @jeremyruston

I think then I stuck to GFM


I ultimately found having both text/markdown and text/x-markdown a little annoying. I don’t remember entirely why, though I think there were plugins that recognized the first but not the second. I changed $:/plugins/tiddlywiki/markdown/new-markdown-button so that new markdown tiddlers would default to text/markdown.