What would be a good theme tune for TW?

What would be a good theme tune for TW?

The Godfather, The Good, Bad & The Ugly, The Colour Of Pomegranates, Let’s Push Things Forward, Thiyariya, Safeway Cart, No Death, You Are My Sunshine, In The Mood For Love, I Luv It, Mille

Tiddlywiki? That’s not my name by the ting tings!

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"Video unavailable

The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

I found it at … The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name (lyrics) - YouTube

@Ste_W it’s a song, it’s a song, calling, it’s a song that deserves it’s name, Catchy refrain.

I don’t know the lyrics, but I do like the song: I Am a Man Of Constant Sorrow | O Brother, Where Art Thou? | Screen Bites - YouTube

or Queen - Princes Of The Universe (Official Video) - YouTube

or Soulful Strut - YouTube

or Deliverance • Dueling Banjos • Arthur Smith - YouTube

or Buckwheat Zydeco - Buck's Nouvelle Jole Blon - YouTube

… The problem is, we can’t use any of the them, because we don’t own them :confused:

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My other thought was Insomnia by Faithless for those “I’ll just tweak/ add/ tinker/ update this on more thing” late night sessions!

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Z-Cars Tv Theme Z Cars (Full Version) - YouTube

H2G2 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy OST - Journey of the Sorcerer+Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - YouTube

Fireball XL5 Fireball XL5 Full Theme Song With Lyrics - YouTube

Space 1999 Space 1999 ~ Original season one theme ~ Complete - YouTube

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You just have to pay for a license to use them (mechanical license IIRC). If music wasn’t allowed to be used, the music industry would die.

So sweet!

I never knew @pmario that you understood music.

Here is “Shuckin’ The Corn” for you.

@CodaCoder we could Boogie, Oogie Oogie.


A little bit of contrast

A little bit of contrast

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that is a great song!

I will “read” this thread soon, but can I suggest also a sound, one which is not copywritten that we can add to the splash screen, like when windows starts.

Perhaps if we make a choice, an agreement and link to a theme song people can buy? and a couple of short extracts.

It has to be something people can choose to use or not. I find startup sound annoying. Think about it, most of us open several TW’s following links. Are we always doing that in places where it is appropriate to be noisy?

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Agreed, but if one wants to, it would be nice to have a standard and licence free way to do so. We can set the volume low, make if short, even selectable.

Ciao @TW_Tones, just FYI, somewhere back in GG history there was a theme tune written, I think, for TW. I just can’t find it.

Personally I do like the idea of having a TW “riff”, or as they say in movies, a “sting”— i.e. a short memorable “sound phrase”.

But I do agree with @Birthe that it should only be opt-in, not any kind of obligatory startup ping.

Overall, what I often trying to point at, is the artistic aspects of any sustained human activity. It lightens the load.

Basta. TT


The jingle for tiddlywiki was written by @Maans. It was originally linked on Tiddlywiki.com but I think deleted because it was not playing any more from that link.
It was played in one of the hangouts also.

See the sheets and play it.

Whoah! You are a serious detective! :rofl:

Many thanks

I’ve got it!!!

Some great tunes were suggested but they are wrong!
The official soundtrack to The Tiddlywiki Platform is:

Everything is Awesome from the Lego Movie! :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

TW Platform. You know what’s awesome? EVERYTHING


It is a little bit frantic. Chill, broheim, with Serge Gainsboroug … FORD MUSTANG / TW BANG!! … "Mustang" by Serge Gainsbourg - YouTube