What rhymes with tiddlywiki?

I saw elsewhere some sample text “Tidal Vicky”, which somewhat rhymes with “TiddlyWiki” so I though I would create a thread to collect them for fun.

Feel free to edit this post or reply (to show it was your idea).

  • Posting here makes your words “Public Domain” to be used by anyone.


  • Fiddly Wiki (add any consonant instead of T)
  • Tiddly City
  • Tricky Wiki
  • Giddy Wiki

Also other common word play

  • Tiddlyverse
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How about Giddily icky

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How are you feeling?

Papa Bear: Extremely great!
Mama Bear: Terribly awful!
Goldilocks: Middly icky.

PG Tickle-me-dicky

Widdly sticky?

Dribbley Icky

Prickley hickey (if you pronounce it Wick E)

Or prickley squeaky (if you pronounce it wee kee)

  • “Hey, why won’t little Johnny eat?”
  • “Kiddly Picky.”
  • “Ah, I understand. I just wish he wasn’t so figgly wiggly about it.”

What rhymes with tiddlywiki?

I wilt kiddy.

No rhymes. Only an anagram so farski.

TT, x

Fiddly sticky - most people get stuck fiddling with its many possibilities.


Can we come up with more positive ones ?

I am off for a “bush walk”.