What does the Future of TW look like?

IF you were interviewed in 2024 how would you differ from 1966 predictions … ??

What are the futures of TW?


Arthur C. Clarke, 1964 (of 2001 Space Odessy) was brilliant …

… on then and now.

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Tiddlywiki 5.96.3

Added self-writing filter syntax, so when you forget a bracket, it can fix itself.

… whether you forgot to put it in, or forgot to take it out :wink:

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I would be happy with a preview that shows the syntax highlighted next to the editor and highlight mismatched brackets, and similarly when a macro, function, operator or widget is miss-spelt because it is not already defined.

If I could have a GB or two of memory and the ability to spawn and build tiddlyikis as needed, with an internet connection - but all in a brain implanted chip, I would be happy. Even just a brain implanted browser with local storage would be enough (and a saver mechanism).

Of note is I was born in the year Arthur C Clark made this video.

When I was younger and a big science fiction reader I fancied becoming a Futurologist. I have followed many of these ideas through my life to see if they are possible, and have also seen things happen we did not predict.

  • On one hand, Sadly there are also number of countervailing forces we have come to see that change the possible or likely futures, and some apparently intractable problems remain.
  • On the other hand, we have found new paths we may follow successfully, and some we have that multiply the possible future as well.

One idea that came to me the other day, was if there is other intelligent life, if their biological systems are similar to ours (and maybe even if not) we may never be able to come into contact with them, or in the same room as them.

  • Why? Because we are bathed in a whole ecosystem of bacteria, viruses and more that will travel with us or our new friends, that stand to destroy each other. Just look at history.

After Elon’s proposal for implanted chips and my work time spent helping people debug issues, I can’t say I want any software in my head.

Maybe outputting thoughts Into files, but not vice versa.

A way to take thoughts and transcribe them into a tiddlywiki would be really cool though.

Personally, I look forward to AR devices. Bluetooth enabled contact lenses with TW running off mobile devices, maybe with a ZUI or 3DUI implementation would be really cool.

Imagine walking through your tiddlywiki, as if it were a library of your own content.

Neural interfacing via some form of NFC or bluetooth to your smart devices would allow transscribing thoights and recording your senses, kind of like electrodes used for brain scans.

No need for LLM’s or AI when you can do the thinking.


I like the idea of access to these, as tools just as I use a notepad or tiddlywiki today.

As do I- when they can give the correct information haha

What I meant as far as ‘why have them instead of your own brain?’ Is more aimed at that aspect

Since high school, I new my memory was better for concepts rather than details. I would use TiddlyWiki for details and automation.

  • However given the way my key organiser wiki is presently, I will have to be careful. It can sometimes generate anxiety give the list of possibilities I have not pursued.
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  • I am not sure I would be interested in any commercial solution especially one from a somewhat mad owner of X, or meta or… I would prefer to trust a Bio-hacker and open source.
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If those were my only choices, then absolutely. But still, I would definitely vote for None of the Above.

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