What Discourse config or workflows are you using?

Discourse as an App on my desktop

  • I opened talk.tiddlywiki.org in Chrome and used
    Menu > More Tools > Create Shortcut and got a shortcut on my windows desktop.
  • Then on the resulting shortcut r-click pin to Start and Pin to Task bar. Now I effectively have a single app I can use for all discourse.

HTML in Discourse

  • As you can see above I could use html <kbd>Menu > More Tools > Create Shortcut</kbd>
  • I suspect a more html tags can be used in discourse posts/replies.
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More on Discourse as an App on my desktop

I just wanted to share how I am currently using Discourse on my windows desktop and I am very happy with it. I may keep adding content here.

  • I opened a Chrome browser and went to and logged into talk.tiddlywiki.org
  • I then used the Chrome Menus to add a Shortcut. I then set the shortcut properties to add it to the start menu, and task bar.
  • (new) In the Discourse preferences I have now set on Open all external links in a new tab so non-discourse links open in my browser
    • This behaviour can be overridden with “r-click open in new…” if you want to open a discourse link in a new tab, separately from the “app window”.
  • (new) I discovered that alt-left arrow and alt-right arrow work as back and forward buttons
  • If you use this method and download a file from talk.tiddlywiki.org it will be listed below in the window (save to a scratch folder), You can have a tiddlywiki in another browser window open and drag the download to that wiki.
    • By the way I use snagit to capture pieces of my screen and can drag images from snagits tray and drop them here (as above).

I would like to encourage more contributions to this as many of us are becoming more expert in the use of talk.tiddlywiki.org (talk)

Lets ask and answer questions like;

  • How do you manage tasks arising from content on talk?
  • Do you and how can you harvest from your own and others content here to build documentation?
  • How do you seek and get the attention of others when its something you think is important to the community?

More ideas and questions please!

@boris Bookmarks! I use the bookmarks feature — both with and without dated reminders — to come back to tasks / discussions.

@TW_Tones Yes I do too, and even without using the reminders atr the top you can annotate the reason why you bookmarked something. Useful if you want to return to get information or add something to the conversation.