Web audio api safari help please

thanks to @Charlie_Veniot 's gg post https://groups.google.com/g/tiddlywiki/c/E3lY3bYnKs8/m/Kxr5phHxEwAJ

i can make a demo using tw empty, importing charlie’s 3 tiddlers

and it plays “i play sound on render” fine locally and when served on the web for chrome, brave, firefox (mac)

however, safari behaves oddly; locally on desktop it works. but when served on the web it does not work. quine (ios) also does not work to play the audio, possibly for the same reason

does anyone know a workaround? (it seems it is a safari web audio api quirk – but why would it work locally on safari on mac but not when served via web to safari on mac? v. strange…)


See if this discussion on stackoverflow gives any clues to fix things via Safari preferences.

Also, to avoid creation of a javascript macro, my macro feeds the javascript to an iframe. You might need to tweak the parameters of the iframe to allow autoplay.

thanks charlie, that worked a treat for desktop safari.

if anyone knows how to implement it, Fix iOS AudioContext on Safari not playing any audio. It needs to be "warmed up" from a user interaction, then you can play audio with it as normal throughout the rest of the life cycle of the page. · GitHub suggests it is possible to workaround on ios safari (but i don’t know how to get this method to work, help much appreciated)