Ways to integrate TiddlyWiki with Android notifications/alarms

I’m using TiddlyWiki as a time management tool, and I wonder if there is a way to make it so that when I create a timed task in my wiki, my phone will get a notification on the planned time. I’m thinking about using a self-hosted node.js wiki that would use some calendar service’s API (google calendar?) or something like that, which would be installed on my phone. So, when I, for example, would press a certain button in my wiki, it would perform an action, that would create an event on that service via API. And then that service would do the rest of the job, notifiying me when necessary.
Alternatives could be sending an email on time or anything like that.
Have anyone managed to come up with such an integration? Or have reached the desired behaviour by any other means?

P.S. The wiki managing events and somehow sending notifications itself without using any external service would be an acceptable solution too, maybe even better, if it’s possible at all.

I do know there are plugins that work on android and other devices such as retrieving the geolocation so some level of interaction is available. I look forward to seeing what others have to share.

For now I’ve found ntfy.sh, with which one can send push notifications via REST API using a self-hosted server, maybe I could cook something with that, unless the community knows any easier to implement / just better ideas.

I expect we may hear more from the community, but if anyone can add such functionality in a plugin or tiddler package, I expect the community would be very grateful and ready to help you.

You may wish to raise such an issue in the developer forum or on github

by the way, welcome back @i0qchap0i