Voodoo Pad - Can anyone help me migrate pages from VoodooPad to TiddlyWiki?

I have been using VoodooPad for several years on my Mac.
I have several hundred pages of notes.

I recently discovered TiddlyWiki and I would like to import my pages from VoodooPad since TW is free and open source and I could also access it, I think, from my Android smart phone.

I would be grateful if anyone could give me some help on how to do that.

Let me add I use MacOS Monterey 12.6.1
and I have VoodooPad version 5.3.0

I have a Poco android phone with MIUI 12.0.5
and a Lenovo tablet TB-8505F with Android 10

and I just installed TiddlyDesktop version 0.0.16 on my Mac
and Tiddloid 2.4.2 on my tablet

Welcome @DanEnProvence perhaps the best way to start is to provide a list of formats you can export your VoodooPad content to, and perhaps a small set of example data, a few non-private examples?

  • Depending on what you share we can possibly show you a quick method
  • Although it may be made complicated by VoodooPad I have no doubts a way can be found.

I personally would find a CSV the easiest way, I would then use JSON Mangler to convert to a data plugin with all your content.

Here is the export page for the software


I see text pdf word. I think XML might be the best from the list
I am not sure though

A quick scan of that documentation and I would guess that exporting all pages as plain text, if you do not loose too much information, such as links etc… would be the best, you can then import multiple or drag and drop files on your wiki to import.

At a guess, XML would lose less information than text. @DanEnProvence: if you could supply sample outputs in the various formats (as well as the raw format if possible), we might be able to give better suggestions.

Thanks for your replies
can export from VoodooPad as: html, pdf, epub, rtfd, txt, doc, xml

I would, of course, like to keep the links between the pages.

Apparently html files are not accepted as attachments here - I wanted to provide an html example.

I tried exporting as xml but I got a parsing error in one of the pages and it blocked the rest of the export

anyway I just discovered I can’t attach xml files or rtfd files here either…

I tired to post an html example to the list but it refused the html attachment

I’ll try here:

(Attachment list of fiction writers.html is missing)

(Attachment nobel prize for literature.html is missing)

A partial demonstration in a text block here (use the </> button) would help.

type or paste code here

Can you post a sample of the XML or text that way?

(You can also rename the file export.xml to export.xml.json to upload, but that may be considered abuse.)

You could ZIP your files. Drag and drop it to: https://wormhole.app/ … and post the link here.
You can set the expiration date or the number of downloads that are possible.

You could also use DropBox or an other service with no adds to allow us to download some example content.

I’ve put the exported data on DropBox - you can view it here:

Dropbox - VooDooPad notes - Simplify your life

There’s html, rtfd, txt and xml - but that didn’t export properly

There’s nothing particularly secret or private in the notes !!

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Some files within the text zip seem to be invalid naming for windows. I unziped a subset into a folder, selected all the files and dropped them on a wiki. They imported as plain text tiddlers, you can delete the type field to allow wiki text.

Formatting a table inside a tiddler as a monospaced block, made it readable.

  • If you dont plan to edit content a html version may be richer
  • Otherwise you need to investigate how much effort will be involved Adding wkitext markup.

There are a lot of things we can do to semi automate this but we do need to get into the details. So perhpas have a go and ask when you find something less than effective or time consuming.

  • Your could also engage someone and pay them to massage the content however you will still need to be involved. I can do that if requested.
  • otherwise raise your questions in the forum