Using sheet.js to load excel sheets into TW?

i am not very experienced with JS but found this and have been trying a bit to get it to work in TW. it is a library(?) that can take xlsx or other spreadsheet files and display them as html tables:
SheetJS - Home
using a single-file TW, i was hoping it would be possible to read spreadsheets stored in the same folder and display/parse data from them for processing in TW.

i was digging through the docs and playing around with @tobibeer 's enable-js plugin to try and get sheetjs to load a file to no avail. i think i am a bit over my head.

has anyone tried to use this software with TW? if not, do you have any pointers on where to start or what is/is not possible (automatically reading files in the browser? running an import as a macro like <<sheetjs "C:/path/to/file">> ? importing rows/columns as tiddlers? live updating results when the source file is edited??)


After a rough look, it should be feasible to write a widget plugin for sheetjs.

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This would be a very handy plugin, maybe if a tiddler is set to type: text/spreadsheet it renders the spreadsheet, and store the data in the tiddler text field as json?

Just my thoughts :grin:

agreed! i work with excel a lot to store reference data and it would be incredible to be able to access that (changing) data live in TW and be able to combine excel functions/logic with filter syntax and sorting. not to mention being able to integrate live data into my other notes. the possibilities are almost endless!