Using characters from a language without plugin

All, I am relatively new to TiddlyWiki and am loving my limited experience of note taking.

I would like to incorporate character from a language in to TiddlyWiki. My aim is NOT translation in to a different language, but to just sparingly use language specific characters. The language I am looking forward to use is Tamil which I believe does not have a plugin. Essentially, my intent is to have tamil verses included in this tiddlers interspersed between text (just like one may include a mathematical equation in a scientific manuscript).

I am feeling a bit lost on this. Any help would be appreciated.


You can use copy/paste to enter Tamil characters directly into a tiddler.

For example, I used to enter english “this is a test” and translate it to Tamil “இது ஒரு சோதனை”, which I copied to the clipboard. Then, I opened, started editing a New Tiddler and pasted from the clipboard.

The result is a tiddler containing Tamil text.


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Tamil characters are easy to ‘copy and paste’ from Search - Unicode Character Table as well.