Use wikitext link syntax as default for Markdown?

Hey there,

Does anyone know of an easy way to set wikitext as the default linking syntax when using the Markdown plugin? I love using Markdown for my notes but prefer wikitext syntax specifically for links (ie I’d rather use [[link to page]] than [link to page](#link%20to%20page)).

Technically the wikitext syntax works out-of-the-box since the parser falls back to wikitext for anything it doesn’t catch on the first pass. The bigger issue is that when I use ctrl-L and link via the auto-suggest menu, it outputs a Markdown style link and it doesn’t look like there’s an option within the plugin to disable this.

Hopefully that makes sense, and thanks in advance for any advice!

Be sure to have a backup. Just in case.

Navigate to:


Edit it (it will warn you about being a shadow tiddler.) Go to the condition field and copy all the conditions. If you absolutely don’t want this button, then cut, rather than copy. Or you might want to keep both tools and change the icon. See below. When you’re down with the markdown link tool, save the tiddler.

Then open


Edit it. Go to the condition field. Paste the conditions you previously cut/copied in the front or back of the existing contents (but don’t replace the contents because you want both sets of conditions)


Now the standard link tool will appear in your markdown toolbar. And because the original link tool comes earlier, CTL-L will access that tool.

If you delete the conditions’ contents completely in the markdown tool, then that tool will not appear at all. You might prefer instead to leave it in place and just change the icon. There is an icon field where you can specify what icon you wish to appear. For instance, possibly $:/core/images/chevron-down (chevron-down). That way you can have access to both link types.

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Yessssssssss!! This is perfect. Thanks you so much for the help- worked flawlessly for me and it appears to have yielded the exact behavior I was looking for.