Use create-tw-apps to create your new tiddlywiki application fastly

Although it is a very simple command to create using npm i -g tiddlywiki && tiddlywiki foo --init server, at the time I tended to use interactive commands, so I wrote the command line tool create-tw-apps (essentially nothing different, just in a different way); Have fun! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


If you are familiar with npm or pnpm, you can use npm create tw-apps or pnpm dlx create-tw-apps to create a new tiddlywiki project


Tested, and it works fine. But I’m curious as to how it works. I’ve always thought of npm create xyz as an alias for npx create-xyz. But create-tw-app seems to be something unrelated. Where is the source? How is it connected to the npm repo?

it is create-tw-apps

Well, I feel :sheep: sheepish! :sheep: Sorry about that!

Is there any need to install extra packages (in addition to npm) to be abole to use npm create tw-apps?

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npm is the default package manager for node, so you only need to install nodejs

Without any dependencies (except npm), create-tw-app is an executable single file of about 270kb


Now supports selecting tiddlywiki version

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A minor suggestion: It would be nice to create from selected edition.

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Different editions, mainly different plugins, I plan to add a language selection on cli

ps: Which edition do you use often ?

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I have some in house editions but for official ones
I use server, empty,, and introduction most often.

Hi @jeremyruston,
Why there is no more useful enduser editions in official TiddlyWIki release?
Most current editions are demo or developer related editions, not end user one!

Everyone uses tiddlywiki differently. For me, I use create-neotw-app to quickly create a tiddlywiki project. Later, I want to add some editions for users to choose. I find that there are not many well-maintained ones. edition, there is no standardization between editions of different people.

ps: Yes, before create-tw-app, I wrote creatw-neotw-app

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Now the default is the server version, except for the built-in three official plugins, it is very clean

IMO by default you should only show: v5.2.7 and v5.3.1 because v5.3.0 needed a fast update to v5.3.1 because of some issues.


Hi, now that bun is supported on windows, could you add it to the list of package manager please ? :slight_smile: It should be 30x faster than npm (according to their website)

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sure, I’ve used it since bun 1.0, and it’s really fast.

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Already supported, you can also run it directly using ·bun create tw-apps@latest·

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Sorry to bother you but I think I’m missing something, I can select npm, yarn or pnpm but not bun :


I’m on windows 11, maybe this is not compatible ?

I think this is a bun bug. Even if latest is specified, bun will tend to look for older versions from the cache. You may need to reinstall the latest create-tw-apps package.

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The latest cli version is 0.9.1

I tested the bun and it seems to work well.

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