Upgrading external-core tiddlyhost files

How best to upgrade external-core tiddlyhost file?

To confirm my worry that it doesn’t stay external-core while following standard drag-and-drop upgrade path (https://tiddlywiki.com/upgrade) I just tried upgrading one of the projects that I initiated with tiddlyhost’s external-core option. Sure enough, it’s no longer external-core.

For folks who aren’t super-tech-savvy, what’s the best path to upgrade an external-core wiki hosted at tiddlyhost?


I don’t think it’s possible using the standard upgrade wizard, but here is a method that I’ve used successfully.

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There is related documentation here Upgrading your standalone wiki at the bottom of Using the external JavaScript template

It’s great you documented a method @simon, but surely there is another way?

  • It seems to me one should be able to change the external-core tiddlyhost file reference, save and reload. I could be wrong as you change the root tiddler.
  • However I note here Using the external JavaScript template for single file wikis it must be in the current folder.
  • I had hoped it could point to an external core on a CDN
  • This could be useful for an initial offline test
  • Perhaps we could have an upgrade external core site?

I guess this begs the question – what happens during an upgrade? If it’s just the core tiddlers getting replaced, then all you should have to do is point at the new core to be up and running. I suspect that there other things (e.g. configuration tiddlers) that have to happen too.

What is the “export tiddlywiki core” button referred to in those docs? I can’t find that button anywhere.

FWIW, I do think converting from a self-contained TiddlyWiki to an external core TiddlyWiki by modifying $:/config/SaveWikiButton/Template should work. Perhaps I’ll give that method a try soon.

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I feel like those instructions keep reverting to node.js, even though the targeted section is for stand-alone TW. Most people are not going to want to launch node.js just to create a stand-alone wiki. In any event, if you scroll up the instruction tiddler, you’ll see the button to export the core. I think for most people with standalone wikis, these instructions will be more useful:

Here’s some instructions for doing that. It’s pretty much exactly as described here but I tried to make it less scary.

So I guess that’s a second viable solution, i.e. first use the normal upgrade process, then convert the resulting internal core TiddlyWiki back to external core like this.

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Great, thanks everyone! Maybe someday something like the standard drag-and-drop process can be streamlined for external-core files, but this is certainly workable enough, and helpfully explained.