Untraceable tag with '$:/' prefix

I’'ve got a kinda “power-tiddler” i configured quite some time ago, and it’s got this tag- $:/gtd.Views -that i cannot find, neither in the list of More>Tags, nor by search.

So: dumb question, but: is this by design, that tags w/ that ‘$:/’ prefix aren’t findable?

Wish i could remember whence came this tag (probably i created it on a tip, w/o understanding why)… And i wish i had a good way of documenting all these TWeaks that have crept into my wiki, to have a modicum of requirements traceability in my system.

They are findable, if you open AdvancedSearch under the “System” tab or with “Filter” tab and you know the name.

So in Filter you can add [all[system][$:/gtd.Views]], which is basically the same what the System tab does.

If a tag comes with a plugin it should be [all[shadows+tiddlers][$:/gtd.Views]] or if you don’t know the name [all[shadows+tiddlers]prefix[$:/gtd]] should show you all of them prefixed

So then: having run ‘[all[shadows+tiddlers]prefix[$:/gtd]]’ and got 0 results, i guess this means there was no plugins involved, right? That would mean by implication that i must have created this tag (and forgot why -dooh! <8-)…

But then: since [all[shadows+tiddlers][$:/gtd.Views]] DID turn up a hit on this tag, why did the former filter expression NOT find it -since it does have that prefix?

/me gotta knuckle down and crack the nut of TW filter logic one of these days…

Sorry. I forgot to add, that I didn’t test the filters. I wrote them from my head. So there may be typos.

See: https://tiddlywiki.com/#all%20Operator:[[all%20Operator]]%20[[all%20Operator%20(Examples)]] for more examples