[tw5] We invite you to http://wwwhww.news - beta release


I wanted to invite all tiddlywiki users or new users who are just exploring tiddlywiki or people who want to start using tiddlywiki today. Long story short, we have created a page where you can use the power of tiddlywiki to just write your tidlers, stories, blog, whatever content you want, while removing all the hustle of hosting, setting up. Just login and start writing and sharing.

We would love for you to try it, and we hope this could be your home moving forward.

Go to:

When you login, you will be redirected to your tiddlywiki.

If you want to see a preview you can check out mine @:


PIng me back with any feedback or any other pain points you would like me to solve.

Start writing today. Forward this email to a friend who might be interested.

Thank you
Lucas Szybalski

Hi Lucas,

Congratulations on the new service, it works very smoothly.

For the benefit of others, I should say that Lucas got in touch with me a few months ago on LinkedIn, and I was pleased to encourage him.

I think I’m right in pointing out that the requirement to login with LinkedIn doesn’t involve sharing any information other than your email address. It does of course require a LinkedIn account.

Best wishes


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Just a heads up:

When we go to sign up, it means we agree to the terms, data policy, and cookies policy.

But all of those policy links are invalid.

I’m not sure I’m all that comfy that I am agreeing with policies that are not available for reading.

Screenshot 2022-08-17 2.22.48 PM.png

Simply put: if I cannot see the policies I am automatically agreeing to by signing up, then I will never sign up.

For example: I might be blindly agreeing to a policy that says that the content I enter does not belong to me, but automatically belongs to the host. Or I might be blindly agreeing to something I do not want happening to/with my Linked In account.

That makes me uncomfortable, so hard pass for me until I see what I’m agreeing to upon sign up.

Just a heads up that when I tried to import to the wiki I created there, and then click the sidebar ‘save’ button and refresh, the changes don’t take. Clicking save downloads a copy to my laptop but does not save changes. Only editing tiddlers and clicking the done button actually saves changes.

Could you send me a screenshot of which button.

Or maybe steps to reproduce. I don’t think I’ve ever imported into it, so maybe just a new use case.

Attached: just confirming save button.


Yes, that’s the one. You can reproduce the problem by going to Stroll — A Roam-like experience in a free, downloadable file, going to the tab on the left that says Add Stroll to your TW, dragging the $:/giffmex/stroll tag pill to the file, importing, then use the save button from your screenshot, then refresh. None of the Stroll tiddlers will have been saved.