[tw5] We can create pretty powerful tiddler export features

For example (screenshot below), I’ve got a custom “.BAS.JSON” exporter that automagically includes tiddler dependencies as part of the export.

The “Alpha” BASIC program, to run in any TiddlyWiki, needs supporting infrastructure tiddlers to run any BASIC program (the tiddlers: "Basic Console Window Template, Basic Script Web Page, Run Basic Program Button).

The infrastructure tiddlers are hard-coded in the exporter.

The exporter also has the smarts to dynamically add “include” tiddlers in the dynamically generated include tree (the tiddlers: Beta, Charlie, Delta).

Alpha includes the tiddlers Beta and Charlie. Beta includes the tiddler Delta.

Despite a circular reference (the Delta tiddler includes the Alpha tiddler), the process does not get tripped up by this.

This totally gets my geek mojo going.