[tw5] Upgrade hint

What a cool upgrade - version 5.2 - many thanks for all the work that went into it. i am an enthusiastic user of the offline-version (HTML-only) of TW for my personal note keeping and I try to keep it as pure as possible. Despite my engineering background I would like not to bother with any technical details here. Therefore I was looking for a “foolproof” upgrade hint (like for other software). There is - but I had to google for it. No link included in the extensive documentation here https://tiddlywiki.com/ How to start is included, but not how to upgrade. Please amend, thanks!


I know it’s not that obvious from the front page AND its not the first tiddler that pops up when you search ‘uograde’ AND you won’t find it searching for update but… :smiley:

thx Ste! I would really appreciate this to be part of the upgrade announcement/intro page.