[tw5] Twiddlywiki 5.2.1- Trouble With Importing Plugins

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Attempted to import, for example, the tiddlymap plugin. I am using the latest version of Firefox on Monterey. After following the instructions and refreshing the page, the tiddlymap does not appear. I am not certain what is going on. Any suggestions would be apprecated.

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What save mechanism are you using?

I open the Tiddlwiki in Firefox and import the plugins. I click save and refresh.

If you don’t have a save mechanism installed then when you click on “save” what gets saved is a downloaded version of your program. You have to open that downloaded copy (from your downloads) to see your newly installed plugin.

If you find the ‘manual’ save mechanism that Mark mentions inconvenient then you might like to take a look at TiddlyDesktop which gives a more convenient save mechanism together with an autosave backup feature - a similar feature for your mobile device is Tiddloid, I run them both - TiddlyDesktop on my Linux laptop and Tiddloid on my android phone - although they are different apps I find the experience of using them alternately seamless, the only manual operation being exporting the odd updated tiddler from my mobile devices to my laptop master - I just finished updating my master after being on vacation where I only had my phone with me.

Don’t think badly of Tiddlywiki for the awkward manual save mechanism - it is a consequence of the fact that TiddlyWiki is designed to run as a single, standalone HTML file which is what makes it so portable - your browser is designed to protect you and that is why the save mechanism ends up being a regular browser download file with your consent being necessary - Tiddlywiki is in effect just another webpage and no-one wants general webpages downloading files to their machine adhoc.

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Thank you for your direction.

Thank you, Jon.