[tw5] TWexe upgrade not autosaving

Hello fellow TW users,

I hope you may be able to help me with the following problem:

I use TWexe since it allows me to still have the single file structure of TW with a lot of comfort (auto saving being the most imporant). Today I wanted to upgrade my TW Version. Afterwards the automatic saving did not work anymore. Before I had 5.1.9 (the standard version TWexe comes with) and upgraded to 5.2.3. It appears the main issue is that TWexe uses the Tiddlyspotsaver but after the upgrade many more savers (which at least had no tabs in the control panel but some show up as shadow tiddlers even in my non upgraded file) appear after the upgrade. One of them is the Download saver. If I enable the Download saver to also save automatically, everything works fine except that it not just saves my file but also downloads a file to my download folder every single time. If I dont allow the downloader to do its thing then the automatic saving doesnt do anything at all. I suspect this has something to do with the downloaders automatic saving overwriding the overall automatic saving settings. However Ive been on the problem for a few hours now and havent found a solution (I thought of changing up the priority of the download saver and trying to uninstall it but I wasnt able to, also tried out a bunch of other stuff that doesnt seem to help) and thought Id ask here. Hopefully you all can help me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend!

I can confirm this!
From 5.2.0 I cannot use TWexe. The latest working version for me is Tiddlywiki 2.1.23