[tw5] Tiddlywiki Java Issue

Hello all!
I am so grateful for this wonderful tool I have been using it for years! I do have an issue right now with a pop up window I get when ever I go into an entry when on my Android One UI version 5.1, Android version 13. It is a java error that I am attaching here. If anyone has some insight as to how to get rid of said pop up, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

What browser are you using? What plugins do you have installed? What version of TW is this?

The browser doesn’t matter I get it in yahoo, firefox and opera GX. TW version is 5.3.0. Plugins are Core and Layout Adjustment

Hope that helps!

Not yahoo, sorry Chrome

I’m not familiar with the “Layout Adjustment” plugin. Do you have a reference?

I would try disabling the Layout and Adjustment plugin, saving, and reloading (after making a backup of course).

There were some big changes with 5.3.0, so it might be that that plugin doesn’t work quite right now.

This is what plugin’s I have installed

I will try what you suggested though, Thank you!