[tw5] Tag Cloud (TiddlyWiki coding fun)


I just had an itch to code this thing. I’m sure this has been done many times before. Regardless, maybe there’s some interesting stuff in there worth studying/dissecting/etc.

Download attachment and drag into TiddlyWiki.com.

It takes a couple of seconds for the tiddler to render because of the large amount of tiddlers and tiddler tags in TiddlyWiki.com

Tag Cloud by Charlie.json (912 Bytes)

BTW, the following is nice too:


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Indeed, TagCloud has been done before…

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For all the times it has been done before: value list if it can’t be easily found.

It is shame. If only there were a user-friendly public repository of TiddlyWiki snippets. Sigh.

Meh. I enjoy programming and need the creative outlet. If I can built it myself with native TiddlyWiki features, then I’ll rebuild the wheel every time in a way that fits the thinking in this old sponge. My kind of brain-age game.

“value list”? Um: “value lost”.

Now I’m thinking philisophically about “value lists”. And how to not lose them.

Here’s a really simple tag cloud by…a certain someone; responding to a thread with a few other examples if you want to compare code

Tag Cloud by E…n