[tw5] Sudden horizontal scrollbar and blank space in my TW

Hello everyone!!

As the title says, my TW has suddenly seemed to gain a big amount of blank space to the right of the storyriver which has added a horizontal scrollbar to my page. I’ve not been on my TW much for a few weeks due to illness so I’m not exactly sure when this happened but noticed it yesterday and have been trying to figure it out. I’ve been comparing it to a backup from a month ago and everything that I think could be the issue is identical, so I am stumped.

I am not an expert in programming and honestly, don’t know what I am doing 99% of the time, wouldn’t even say I am an intermediate, I am just great at googling and have ADHD so I have always been good at just figuring things out myself, but this one has truly got me lost.

I have attached a video showing what I mean by blank space and just the general behaviour of it all, it seems to favour the left.

Any help is much appreciated!!


(Attachment Tiddlywiki issue - sudden horizontal scroll and blank space.mp4 is missing)

When you clicked tab more and then all you got a very long list of tiddlers without the horizontal scrollbar you would not be able to see them all.


I’m not really sure what you are trying to say??

You have a lot going on in your TW. I’d guess you have at least a half dozen plugins. Nothing
wrong with that, but when you use multiple plugins from different authors it becomes
increasingly likely that some bit of CSS or other code will conflict with each other. Especially
when you’re making major changes to the UI.

Off hand, I would try reverting the left hand column to right hand and see if the problem goes away.
Then turning off 2 columns and see if that fixes anything. Then work your way through the other
plugins. Try to determine which plugin is introducing
the issue. When you’ve determined which plugin is causing the issue, then find the author
and ask if they’ve seen the issue. Or repost the question in terms of the plugin so others who are
using that plugin can respond.

Hope you’re feeling better!