[tw5] Saying a thank you for codemirror the editor

Hello Guys!

I just wanted to say thank you for the codemirror plugin - found it searching through messages in this group.

At last this could save me from always ending up with a lots of unorganized notes inside my GUI text editor and saving into txt files because it was tedious to edit plain text in the browser without basic text manipulation functionalities.

I propose to make this editor included in the default new TiddlyWiki files or at least make strong references that people might need to add this as well… I spent this day by looking for a solution on multiline editing and finding the ready made plugin codemirror made my day!


Thank you!

ps.: the F11 fullscreen on active the editor doesnt work.

Glad you found use full things. The main discussion place is now at https://talk.tiddlywiki.org/ where I’m sure the author will appreciate your thanks and you might get more feedback on that F11 thing :slight_smile: