[tw5] saving with timimi in Firefox (117 and 118) stopped working for me

I get a message saying

Can’t read and change data on this site”

I found another person with a similar issue

Thanks for any help! I can’t use Tiddlywiki without this!

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The people having trouble seem to be running linux. Are you on linux?

Riz has said he’s stepping away from TW but will still support Timimi.

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I’m on mac, using Firefox. Still no idea how to fix this. I may have to stop using tiddlywiki.

As another data point, saving is working fine for me on a different mac laptop also running firefox (117).

I can confirm it’s also stopped working on Firefox 118.0.1, Windows 11…

Luckily, I hardly ever use Firefox, anymore. I switched exclusively to Chrome about a year ago.
Hopefully it’ll continue to function there :slight_smile:


I’m on MX Linux. Timimi is working fine in Firefox 118.0.1.

I would try running the Mac installer from the command line, and seeing if there are error messages.

Note that there are special instructions for Mac Catalina

There are other ways to save besides Timimi. There’s the default HTML5 saver. There is TiddlyDesktop. You can run your files using a webdav server (I understand there is a webdav server already on Mac. But if not, there is Rclone that can run as a webdav server).

Oh, one more thought.

In your browser type in


Search for Timimi. There should be one key. If there is not, then perhaps that is the problem.

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Thanks for the suggestions, Mark.
I ran the installer from the command line (with a few initial challenges…) and saving with timimi seems to work again!