[tw5] Re: How to? Build a custom search box

As a relatively new TiddlyWiki user, I have been experimenting with features and trying new ideas. After lots of searching to create a custom search box, I came across this thread. While it is five years old, the approach and ideas discussed here are still valid! I tweaked it to create my custom search box in a tiddler running on Tiddlywiki 5.3.1. You can find it here: BG scripts — Collection of scripts

Hi, Mr Gupta,

I want to invite you to the Tiddlywiki community on discourse, because most of the discussions happen there and do not fill your postbox : I also stumbled upon your post there [tw5] Re: How to? Build a custom search box
One tiny tip: You could replace the text you put into each Tiddler with one single viewtemplate.

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