[tw5] Prototype: Syntax Highlighter for TiddlyWiki (no javascript; just HTML, CSS, and TiddlyWiki widgets


Had to do some fancy footwork to handle TiddlyWiki’s wikitext, widgets, macros, transclusions.

(The red squiggly underline in the screenshot below, that’s just my web browser highlighting a spelling issue.)

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I wasn’t happy with general performance, so I rejigged what I had to address that and to also handle a few things that were tripping up the syntax highlighting.

Things like carriage returns, multiple spaces, double-quotes, carets, etc.

If you can think of anything you would type into TiddlyWiki text that could trip up regular expression handling (for syntax coloring), let me know.

Next: I want to start adding some syntax coloring for TiddlyWiki things. If you have preferences, let me know.

Oops, forgot to attach image:

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Added highlight of macro/variable references, i.e. anything looking like <<name>>

Added highlight of widget end (i.e. /> or </$widget>

SyntaxHighlightingTinyEditor.json (4.36 KB)