[tw5] projectify.wiki offline?!


Anybody know what about the Projetify website?
It is not reachable anymore.

I find this plugin very interesting and wanted to try out.



Projectify has been archived. See: GitHub - NicolasPetton/Projectify: Project management for TiddlyWiki

At the moment the project is abandoned …

You can directly download the files from: Projectify/docs at master · NicolasPetton/Projectify · GitHub
You only need demo.html or empty.html … the contain the wiki

index.html + the rest of the code was the landing page.

hope that helps


Thanks Mario.
That mean further support cannot be expected or that the author just want to freeze the current state and continue later?

Do I need to start a complete new Wiki or is it possible to install it in an existing Wiki as plugin?

Now I discovered this: https://projectify-demo.tiddlyhost.com/ where a plugin install is possible. But is that the latest version?

IMO 0.14.0 is the latest version

You are right.

But how can I install it as plugin in my existing TW5?
Is it possible to export the plugin from the empty.html?

You can do this:

  • Download empty.html from the Projectify docs directory.

  • Download empty.html from tiddlywiki.com

  • rename empty.html form tiddlywiki.com to test.html

  • Open test.html

  • Drag and drop import empty.html into test.html

  • Unselect all the tiddlers that already exist.

  • Then import

I did test this and it seems to work. …

— BACKUP your production wiki now!! —

If it works with test.html you can try it with your wiki …

hope that helps

Thanks Mario, that was working fine :slight_smile:

I am excited how it will work for me to organize my daily work tasks and save all my knowledge.

Before I got Projectify working I just create some tiddlers where open tasks are displayed - easy, but simple and the “dashboard” was not so overloaded.
With Projectify there is so much information more… we will see!