[tw5] Please help us test v5.2.1-prerelease so we can expedite its release

The latest v96 version of Chrome has introduced a change that causes some drag and drop operations in TiddlyWiki to fail. It’s so serious that we’re planning to bring forward the release of v5.2.1, and thus urgently need your help with testing it.


Two different fixes for the Chrome 96 issue are required, so there are two tickets:

Please help us with by testing that your wikis and plugins work with the new version. There are quite a few exciting new features that many of you will be excited to test (not all of which are as yet fully documented), but the feedback we really need is whether the new release accidentally breaks any existing wikis or plugins.

With that in mind, you can upgrade to the prerelease at:


At this point, I would not recommend running the new version in production: this is just for testing until we get a little more feedback.

As ever, the first rule of TiddlyWiki applies: make sure you have backed up your data!

Questions and comments welcome.

Many thanks,


FWIW, I’m getting some strange behaviour in a wiki I’m testing it on. BUT my original wiki is a 5.1.24-prerelease and when I test it, I get problems both on 5.2.0 and the 5.2.1-prerelease. I have the following tiddler:

tags: $:/tags/ViewTemplate

<$list filter="""[tag[Moment]tagging[]] :filter[match]""">
‘‘Syfte’’: {{!!syfte}}


In my 5.1.24-prerelease it behaves like I want, i.e it checks if the current tiddlers name matches a limited set of titles and only then displays the content. But on 5.2.0 and also 5.2.1-prerelease, it seems every tiddler passes the filter, thus displaying the content.

I note that the filter operator docs states that this operator was introduced in 5.1.23 and then also some further feature in 5.2.0. Maybe I snatched a copy just before a bug was introduced? Is this even relevant for the OP in this thread? Am I misunderstanding something about my own filter? Am I just confused? Who am I anyway? Where are my slippers?


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The filter operator docs says this:
Note that within the subfilter, the “currentTiddler” variable is set to the title of the tiddler being processed. The value of currentTiddler outside the subfilter is available in the variable “…currentTiddler”.

This handling for <currentTiddler> vs <..currentTiddler> was added in TW5.2.0. If I understand your intentions, you want to use <..currentTiddler> to refer to the containing tiddler.

<$list filter="""[tag[Moment]tagging[]] :filter[match<..currentTiddler>]""">


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@Eric - aha! I had definitely missed that. Thank you!

Sorry for cluttering this thread. At least I can report that I do not note any other bugs beyond my misreport.


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As a long-term, but fairly light-weight user, I can find no issues with my fairly low-complexity environment.

However, I’ve only been able to test with single-files instances.

I mostly run on Node, and to upgrade, I usually drag the new file atop a browser page connected to the Node version, which I obviously can’t do here (in a corporate environment that only allows Chrome and Edge). I’m sure there’s a Node command to allow me to create a new Node folder from an existing single-file wiki, but I don’t know what it is.

– Scott

i’m sure it’s just something weird in my source tiddlywiki but if i just upgrade as-is, it breaks. deselecting all tiddlers and selecting all tiddlers to upgrade (i.e. to include state tiddlers etc. – lots of my tiddlers have state-tiddler-dependent moving parts) in the wizard seems to produce a working file. tested on mac chrome Version 96.0.4664.55 (Official Build) (arm64), mac monterey safari Version 15.1 (17612., and ios 14.3

wanted to attach some files: original 20210120makiaea tiddlywiki; upgrade (broken) brings up $:/library/sjcl.js on startup; and upgrade-2 (working)

but google groups complained the message was too long(!)

Don’t know if you’re looking for “no issue” replies or if it’s just noise, but I haven’t run into any concerns on any of my wikis I’ve tested so far - mostly Node on Windows so far.

Thank you to everyone for your help.

We’ve now added documentation for the new cascade mechanism:


Again, any feedback or questions are welcome,

Best wishes