[tw5] piped links: show the 'label' part

Hi everyone, how do I retrieve the ‘label’ -call it so- part of a wikitext’s piped link in Tiddlywiki? By ‘label part’ I mean to say the clickable text that is shown on screen, and by ‘piped link’ I mean to say something like [[true_link|label part]].
The ‘links[]’ filter operator only returns the ‘true_link’ part of the piped link, which is quite consistent with the operator’s name: is there a different operator to retrieve the ‘label’ part?


actually, a better subject would have been ‘find the label part of a piped link in a filter’

is there a different operator to retrieve the ‘label’ part?

I’m sorry: No.

It is: [[label|tiddler-name]] btw.

I did create the uni-link plugin that allows you to use aliases, like:

[[alias name|?]] … Then the tiddler itself needs an aliases - field eg:

title: Anikin Skywalker

aliases: [[darth vader]] [[the chosen one]]

can be referenced by either [[Darth Vader|?]] or [[tHe chOOsen one|?]]

Both alias links will be valid, since aliases are not case sensitive.

The plugin can be found at: uni-link — extended link functions … Have a look at the video!

The plugin includes some new filter operators: see: uni-link — extended link functions

have fun

Thanks PMario, not was I was looking for but worth seeing. I’m using Tiddlywiki to (try to) take notes on Arabic language, which has a right-to-left script, that’s why in my case the label is displayed to the right of the pipe | character.