[tw5] One way of using TW.com for one's own documentation needs

Documenting the “now” macro for BASIC Anywhere Machine’s “meta-programming”

BAM (BASIC Anywhere Machine) is a TW 5.2.3 instance. To properly document TW features as “macros for meta-programming” in BAM, I’ve decided to directly embed relevant TiddlyWiki.com documentation right into BAM documentation (standing tall on the shoulders of others), and adding my own bits of documentation for the bits specific to BAM.

Because I"m using TW 5.2.3, I nabbed an archived version of TiddlyWiki.com, and I’m using that instance as the content provider for the bits I need for my BAM documentation.

It is a bit slow loading because that TW.com instance is big. Eventually, I’ll trim it down to just what I need.

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Oops, wrong link in the OP.

This is the right link.

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