TW5 nodejs server can not save `text` field of a draft

TW5 version: 5.2.7 - nodejs

Plugins: Browser Storage, Filesystem, TiddlyWeb, CodeMirror

root-tiddler: $:/core/save/lazy-all

when i create a new tiddler, tw5 will enter the draft tiddler, then i add something to tiddler body (text field)

then, let’s say something goes wrong and the browser unexpectedly shuts down

when i reopen my browser and access that draft tiddly, the text i had added to it was gone

when i use F12 in browser, i can see text field in network, that is right

but when i read the file in tiddlers dir, there is no text field (all the other fields are there)

how can I save draft text automatically, is it a bug or something i did wrong?

(if i use $:/core/save/all everything is right, but if i use $:/core/save/lazy-all that is wrong)

In your post you wirte root-tiddler: in the docs it says root-tiddler= … Did you check for typos?


Did you try your configuration with Browser Storage plugin disabled?

Really? I use lazyall in tidgi app, and it works fine.

When you return to the wiki, the draft is in recent a a skinny tiddler. If you transclude the tiddler into another new tiddler it will force a load and then the draft text will be present…

return to wiki with draft in recent
Screenshot 2023-07-01 175044

Loaded as _is_skinny

transclued forces full load

Why does clicking from the recent tab not trigger a full load of the tiddler?


today i try again, it works fine.

i think, maybe the problem caused by network fluctuations, when it works wrong, my wiki (has 153 tiddlers) takes more than one minutes to load

i tried to limit the internet speed, “error” occurs again, all things i do is wait, wait for the _is_skinny field to disappear on its own. if click ok or click cancel or enter new text before the field disappears, the data is really lost. (i don’t know when I turned on the browser’s network limit and forgot to turn it off)

thanks again

Only if the text-field is shown lazy-loading mechanism is activated. The tiddler meta-data is always loaded in advance.

@Yexin_Ouyang — So is your issue resolved?