[tw5] negative numbers in RevealWidget comparison not ... mathematically accurate?

I might be missing something, but given this demo here:

0 gt -5: <$reveal type=“gt” default=0 text=-5>yes</$reveal>

-1 gt -5: <$reveal type=“gt” default=-1 text=-5>yes

-5 gt -1: <$reveal type=“gt” default=-5 text=-1>yes

0 lt -5: <$reveal type=“lt” default=0 text=-5>yes

-5 lt 0: <$reveal type=“lt” default=-5 text=0>yes

-1 lt -5: <$reveal type=“lt” default=-1 text=-5>yes

-5 lt -1: <$reveal type=“lt” default=-5 text=-1>yes</$reveal>

I get the following output:

0 gt -5: yes
-1 gt -5:
-5 gt -1: yes ← -5 is less than -1, not greater
0 lt -5:
-5 lt 0: yes
-1 lt -5: yes ← -1 is greater than -5, not less
-5 lt -1:

Is this a known issue?


I think gt and lt in reveal widgets, only works with positive integers.

The issue here is that the reveal widget only performs string comparisons, and doesn’t understand numbers at all.

More complex comparisons including numeric operations can be performed with the list widget and filter.

Best wishes


That do make sense. ListWidget will work for what I am doing as well… actually, not sure why I went with RevealWidget as I am using ListWidget for other comparisons elsewhere …


Thanks for the answers!

My Guess is its only problem is with Negatives as charlie suggested;

1 lt 10: <$reveal type=“lt” default=1 text=10>yes

So adding to the documentation “compares positive numbers only” is sufficient to correct it, until perhaps it is improved!

It should be quite easy to swap the negatives for positives to make it work, even if you need to convert them for display as negative numbers, and reverse the conditions eg lt for gt.