[tw5] mishka's clock: a BASIC program running in TiddlyWiki

Download the attachment and drag into TiddlyWiki.com

Create a new tiddler and paste the following into the tiddler (I might have to post a reply if the code below doesn’t show correctly. I can never remember if TiddlyTalk needs single carets or triple carets):

{{mishka's clock||Basic Console Window Template}}


Now you have a tiddler displaying the running BASIC program.

If you like to fiddle with BASIC programs, edit the “mishka’s clock” tiddler. You’ll see it has a “RUN” button in the toolbar, so that you can test your changes to the program. (You might want to modify a copy of that tiddler in case things go awry.)

From the web:

mishka’s clock.prod.bas.json (134 KB)

Ah, needs three carets, or ticks, or whatever:

<div style="width:360px;height:360px;">
{{mishka's clock||Basic Console Window Template}}

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