[tw5] Just one way of handling links to bibliographic references

Just some sample FYI TiddlyWiki code.

Working away at my BASIC Anywhere Machine: Programmer’s Reference, I veered off for a little bit to put together a standard method of linking quotes to the bibliographic sources on the web.

Wherever I happen to quote this book, I add the following:
{{TI-99/4A BASIC Reference Manual||tBib}}

The tBib template tiddler has this:

<$vars thisSource={{{ [get[url]split[::]first[]] }}}
thisURL={{{ [get[url]split[::]last[]] [get[url]] +[first[]] }}}>
{{!!title}}^^<a href={{{ [match[IA]then[https://archive.org/details/]] [] +[join[]] }}} style=“text-decoration:none;font-family:Times New Roman” target="_blank"><>^^

The idea is to have a link right after the book title.

Since many of my references are hosted on the Internet Archive, I’ve decided to avoid entering the common part of the URL’s (“Internet Archive: Error”), replacing that part for each stored url with “IA::”, replacing that with the proper URL prefix when needed.

And the tiddler to display my bibliography :

<$list filter=’[tag[BASIC]tag[Bib]]’>

  • ‘’{{||tBib}}’’
    ** Author(s): {{!!by}}
    ** Published: {{!!pub_date}}, {{!!publisher}}
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