[tw5] Just a video to show what's possible with TiddlyWiki

This is a long video, not about TiddlyWiki, but might be interesting to TiddlyWiki users, or potential users, to see what is possible with just TiddlyWiki, HTML, and CSS.

No javascript, except for the interpreter that is built in javascript.

However, the javascript isn’t used by TiddlyWiki. To run a BASIC program, TiddlyWiki mashes together the BASIC program with HTML, CSS and the javascript and feeds all of that to an iframe at runtime.

Otherwise, the only javascript is the TiddlyWiki core stuff and whatever comes from the TiddlyWiki plugins.


Oh yeah. To dissect that TiddlyWiki instance: Charlie'sBASIC Anywhere Machine — BASIC Programming Powered by TiddlyWiki

That’s a TW 5.2.3 instance with th efollowing plugins: CodeMirror, Relink.