[tw5] I'm going to abstain from Talk.TiddlyWiki

Much easier to function in Google Groups because it accommodates my disability a lot better.

Apologies to all at Talk.TiddlyWiki. The stress of using that forum has been accumulating and that stress was seeping into communications and life in general.

So I am out of Talk.TiddlyWiki, as far as regular back and forth communications, permanently. Unless there’s ever a “accessability theme”, or a suite of them, available someday. (I’ll post the key needs later. No expectations, because needed accommodations for cognitive disabilties can vary wildly.)

Whether I ever do more than just view posts over talk.TiddlyWiki, probably unlikely, at best very sporadically.

Cheers and best regards to all.

That is interesting AND worrying.

I hope you will come back


Talk.TiddlyWiki? Not a chance without the right kind of interface.

I’ll continue making contributions here, and I’ll view what is going on there: sticking firmly within my abilities.

Accommodating physical disabilities is a little easier to figure out. Dysfunctional brains, it is a total crapshoot accommodating that.

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I left Talk.TiddlyWiki too.
I tried it and found it’s complicated to be used.
I’ll live without it.

Andrea Fanelli