[tw5] How to prevent double use of Tiddler Titles the easy way?

Hello TiddlyWiki community,

I started my own TW5 experience in the Christmas vacation for private things and now also try to organize my tasks and knowledge also in the company with TiddlyWiki.

I absolutely love it and have the feeling that the minimalistic gui prevent me from being distracted (in Outlook I see too much… appointments, tasks, emails, etc) and I get my work better done.

One thing I stumbled over today is that every Tiddler name must be unique. Until now it was no problem, but for example tasks will repeat from time to time, so Tiddler names will repeat.

How to solve this? I read about uniqueIDs in Tiddlers and using the caption field for the title name etc. But as TW5 starter it is hard to understand and implement how to get this done.
So how to handle this the best and easy way?

Probably this problem will only touch me if I really create a Tiddler for every task (which can repeat) and not if I only save my knowledge, thoughts etc in TW5.

So any other ideas how to handle daily tasks in business with TW5 and the described problem of unique Tiddler names?

I am open for every idea.

Thank you very much.

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I wrote a post about how I solve the problem of having to have a unique title for all Tiddlers when dealing with many similar records. Maybe this is of any help to you: Generate UIDs for Tiddlywiki