[tw5] how to edit nodejs tiddlywiki tiddlers via an external text editor


how can I edit nodejs tiddlywiki tiddlers live via an external text editor, such as vim on linux?



Last I checked, that is not possible.

I’m pretty sure a TiddlyWiki “tid” file edited with some external tool, the edits will not appear in the TiddlyWiki instance until it is stopped and restarted.

And, I think, any subsequent edit (via TiddlyWiki) to the same tiddler before restarting the TiddlyWiki instance: you’ll find TiddlyWiki overwriting the edits made via the external tool…

Although a small number of us do not use the discourse site and stick to this Google Group, and anything posted here in Google Groups does show in the discourse site, you’ll find the great majority of the community, will not respond to questions posted in Google Groups.

Somebody with more experience might chime in now that I’ve posted a so-so reply.

If you want a response from somebody with more experience working with TiddlyWiki on node.js, you might have to post your question again at the discourse site .

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  • Charlie

I did find this neovim plugin to let me edit tiddlers in the google chrome browser via neovim: https://github.com/glacambre/firenvim. it’s working well for me.