[tw5] exporting tiddlers in html or raw?

I wanted to export the tiddlers to html. I was looking for a way how.

  1. I’ve noticed that there is some kind of built-in API server.


  1. but I can’t seem to be able to pull the json file either from there or from my own wiki?

  1. The goals is for me to being able to export either final html like:

  2. or raw:

  1. So I can later use a function to convert it to html?

I have access to a file as well, so if there is a command line tool that does this, and I can import it from shell or python or node that would be great.

  1. Am I correctly assuming that below Remarkable will do the job if I’m able to get raw data?

(Sample code:

const { Remarkable } = require(‘remarkable’);
let md = new Remarkable();

function constructHtml(req) {
let text = md.render(req);
let response = {
value: text
return response

  1. I’m getting below when I do get url from python which tells me I’m doing it wrong.



Have you tried TiddlyWiki’s HTML export? (image further below)

If that doesn’t do the trick, what is it that you are looking for?

If you want to create your own custom export, give me a couple of minutes and I’ll post a simple export to get things started.

Oops, forgot the image:

That works manually.

As I’ve described in the email, I need it done programmatically.


Simple Export, a getting started tiddler for creating custom export formats

Hi Lucas,

TiddlyWiki’s web server only works when running under Node.js, and doesn’t function in the browser.

The source for the Node.js “render” command shows how to render a tiddler through a template to an HTML file:

Best wishes


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