[tw5] Custom export formats: ( tentatively) SUCCESS!

“.bas” file : exports the BASIC code in a tiddler to a .BAS text file, so that the program can be opened with other BASIC implementations (QBASIC, QB64, etc. etc.)

“.bas.html” file: exports the BASIC program and all necessaries into a small HTML file with sole purpose of running the program. So a deployable version of the program that should run in any web browser.

“.bas.json” file: exports tiddlers for a BASIC program and supporting tiddlers needed for running the BASIC program in any TiddlyWiki. Just drag the .bas.json file into a TiddlyWiki to import the tiddlers. (the BASIC program, the “RUN” button for the tiddler toolbar of a the BASIC program, the BASIC Console Window, and the HTML and javascript that interprets the BASIC program.)

See results of each export above in the attached files. (try opening the html file in your web browser; try dragging the json into tiddlywiki.com; both cases, play donkey.bas???)

(Attachment donkey.bas.html is missing)

(Attachment donkey.bas is missing)

donkey.bas.json (127 KB)

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Of course I get an “Email issue – Attachment Rejected” message from Talk TW.

To get to the attachments, go to the source GG post: https://groups.google.com/g/tiddlywiki/c/Em6m7suKWqw