TW5-CSEncryption: Client-Side Encryption for TiddlyWiki5 on Node.js

Encryption has finally come to the server!

Configure a master password for TiddlyWiki5 on Node.js, and automatically encrypt tiddlers once it leaves the browser.

This plugin is currently in public beta, and I would love to hear everyone’s feedback and suggestions!

Document: TW5-CSEncryption — Client-Side Encryption for TiddlyWiki5 on Node.js
Source code:FSpark/TW5-CSEncryption: Client-Side Encryption for TiddlyWiki5 on Node.js


This plugin can only achieve its function through “dirty” override, and each released version is actually tied to the core version, which is extremely inconvenient for users’ future upgrades. If there is a better method, please let me know!

IMO since the encrypted tiddlers are stored on the server it’s “server-side” encryption and not client-side. The client is the browser.

This may be somewhat misleading, but the name is intended to be consistent with the terminology ( Client-side encryption - Wikipedia ) in cryptography, which is intended to emphasize the encryption process on the client side. Also, if there are friends who are proficient in cryptography, I hope they can audit it, as I actually have limited knowledge on this topic.

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