[tw5] Creating a custom export format ... teasing some future videos

Way, WAY, cutting into my beauty sleep, but I just couldn’t let it go.

BASIC Anywhere Machine:

I figured out a couple of hours ago, how to export a BASIC program in a tiddler as a plain text file.

After a few hours of pulling my hair out, I just figured out how to take a BASIC program in a tiddler, and push it and all things needed into an HTML file, so a basic program can be deployed in a small HTML file that has just what is needed to run the program.

I’m also in the midst of figuring out an export that will include just the tiddlers necessary in a JSON file that can be imported into any TiddlyWiki instance for running a BASIC program hosted in any TiddlyWiki without all of the development stuff that is in BASIC Anywhere Machine.

Yeah, I’m thinking there is some stuff there worth putting into videos.