[tw5] Color Scheme of search inpu field changed after iOS Update (15.2)

Hi everyone,

I’m using the Gruvbox Theme. Before the update the background color was brown so far but actually with the update it changed to white. With the font color which is yellow the input text in the search field can not be seen. So seen in the current Safari Browser and in twEdit.

How can I change the background color of the search input field? I found the tiddler so far, but the code is tricky. The palettes editor also didn’t allow color changes in that specific way. How do I can change it?


Hi Olivia,

Gruvbox is a Palette. So in the right sidebar check the Tools - Palette button if it is set in the right way.

The attached screenshot shows an image from tiddlywiki.com. So something may be different in you setting.

Have a closer look to the ControlPanel: Info : Advanced : Stylesheets tab

  • You can drag & drop the stylesheets there .

  • The last one wins. …

  • So may be you did create or import a stylesheet with a plugin ?!

  • If you move the eg: plugin stylesheet up parts of the settings will be overwritten by other stylesheets in the list.

A little bit of experimentation will be needed.

hope that helps

Have fun!

Hi Mario,

Thanks for your advice. I already did the research that you mentioned. Nothing found. The pallete itself didn’t include input fields like the search field.
Interestingly on my IPad the HP (tiddlywiki.com) changed to Gruvbox appears differently than yours with a white background of the search field.
It seems that this came from iOS 15.2 itself.


The default palette uses background: #3c3836 as the background colour of the search input. It’s the 5th setting from the top. …

May be there is something strange happening from the OS side of view.

Can’t test it. Have no Apple devices.

Someone else needs to jump in.