[tw5] CheckboxWidget listField Mode but not a RevealWidget listField option

I updated my wiki to the 5.3.1 version and my macros for using the new CheckboxWidget listField. I use a list field, “phases” to store a list with the fases.

I need to use a RevealWidget to show and hide the text of all this pases but there is not a listfield option in this widget.

Is this posible?

I usually use the list widget instead of the reveal widget unless I need the “popup” or “tag” abilities.

For the reveal widget, you can use the “text”, and “default” attributes, and the filter transclusion. So contents might look like:

<$reveal type=“match” text=“match” default={{{[all[current]contains:phases[myvalue]then[match]else[nomatch]]}}} >

My text to show


You are more likely to get even more answers over at the forum on talk.tiddlywiki.org .