[tw5] ApexCharts plugin released

Hi all,

For a while now I’ve been working on a plugin to integrate the ApexCharts charting library with TiddlyWiki.

With help and advice from others - thank you - I’ve now got it working nicely and integrating quite well with TiddlyWiki functions like action widgets.

Chart data can be built from tiddler fields using standard TiddlyWiki widgets such as the ListWidget.

My plugin can be found on my TiddlyWiki:


I hope this is useful.



Thats awsome. Thanks for sharing. You should get more feedback posting to https://talk.tiddlywiki.org

Which is where people are active.

Thanks. My understanding is that some people don’t like the talk site and that messages here are copied there too.

I’ll start another thread over there, but before I go:

I’ve just updated my wiki with a plugin for Chart.js!

You are correct. The most awesome Charlie V does not get on with the talk site :(, and posts here are copied there, but there is no ability to reply to Google groups posts in talk. Currently the talk site is the official and more active community.