[tw5] Alternative Icons for EditButtons Plugin (Attached as .json)

The icons are attached as an exported TW .json file.

Red = discard changes
Green = save changes
Eye = view tiddler (exit the editor)

Arrow = close/leave tiddler
Check = save/update without exiting the editor

Link to EditButtons Plugin

Thank you, This is a very useful plugin.

editbuttonsplugin-alt-icons.json (10.7 KB)

Additional Notes:

Affected Tiddlers:

  • $:/core/images/cancel-button
  • $:/core/images/done-button
  • $:/plugins/telmiger/EditButtons/images/cancel-close-button
  • $:/plugins/telmiger/EditButtons/images/done-close-button
  • $:/plugins/telmiger/EditButtons/images/done-open-button

Unset Dark/Light and Highlighting

They highlight when hovered.

I did not test these on a light theme, but the grey parts in the original picture go dark in a light theme.


CSS for larger buttons

/* Close X area buttons on top-right of each Tiddler */

.tc-tiddler-controls button svg, .tc-tiddler-controls button img {
height: 0.7em;

/* Tiddler Edit View: Save / Cancel / Delete buttons on top-right */

div.tc-tiddler-edit-title span.tc-tiddler-controls button svg, div.tc-tiddler-edit-title span.tc-tiddler-controls button img {
height: 1.0em;

div.tc-tiddler-edit-title span.tc-tiddler-controls {
margin-top: -10px;
margin-bottom: 10px;